About Journey to Success

About Journey to SuccessAfter leaving Wall Street in 2005, we began looking for the best way to apply the skills we'd learned in order to assist small businesses that were struggling to compete in the Internet Marketing arena. Early on it became obvious that the Internet was nothing more than the next Wild-West, complete with code-slingers for hire – offering every gadget imaginable, and snake oil salesmen – offering one solution that "solved every problem". Yet few were focused on the real issue – how to adapt technology in such a way that it allowed small businesses to embrace the Internet and increase their business reach, without funneling all their profits into a never-ending struggle with the same technology that was supposed to help them.

That was when Journey to Success, LLC was formed, with its goal being to provide the tools and services required to allow businesses and individuals reach their goals, increase their business reach and grow their companies and their profits. By providing quality results using the right technology, we are able to delivery low-cost solutions to our clients' business needs. This, in turn, allows our clients to focus on growing their business instead of struggling with the technology.

We Take the Risk

By providing fixed-price billing on all development projects, we remove the financial risk from our clients. There are no hidden charges, no project budget over-runs, no technology money-pits. You pay only what was agreed, and we do whatever it takes to deliver the project to you, exactly the way you want it.

Wall Street Experience – Main Street Values

Our development and management skills are the result of over a decade of prior experience working with large Wall Street firms, providing them with technology solutions that ranged from Web-based business solutions to large scale financial management and analytical packages. This allowed us to develop solid system development, project management and communication skills which we now apply to our successful development consulting business, allowing us to focus on providing top quality business solutions in the Internet Marketing arena.

By combining these skills with our commitment to providing the highest level of quality possible to our clients, we've committed ourselves to building lasting relationships by providing the best possible solutions to your business needs.

We aren't finished until we're happy to put our name on it! So you have our promise, that we will stand behind every solution we deliver, period.

With nearly 100% of our work coming from referrals and repeat client business, we realize that our clients are our greatest assets, and do whatever it takes to ensure they are satisfied with our work, while ensuring that we are providing solutions that will grow with their business.

We are dedicated to providing solutions to all our clients' business needs, and to fostering relationships that last. So if you're looking for a business partner, and not just a company that builds websites, look no further than Journey to Success – committed to helping you on YOUR Journey to Success!

Ronald E. LaRock
Journey to Success, LLC