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Company: Anemones, Clowns and Corals

Anemones, Clowns and Corals is an established brick-n-mortar business specializing in providing live corals, fish and equipment to Saltwater aquarium enthusiasts. They specialize in aquacultured fish and corals, providing healthy captive-breed coral and fish that are either raised on site or purchased from breeders including ORA, Sustainable Aquatics, as well as regional breeders. They currently offer Clownfish, Bangaii Cardinals, Dottybacks, as well as Mandarin Goby’s. By focusing only on captive-breed specimens, they help ensure our natural coral reefs are left unaffected by aquarium hobby.

About the services provided

Anemones, Clowns and Corals was looking to expand their marketing reach into the internet. Working with Journey to Success, an entirely new eCommerce site was developed, aimed at presenting their products on the internet and thus expanding their marketing reach.  Additionally, the redesign included the following details:

  • Setup and configuration of hosting service, email accounts, databases, SSL certificate, FTP processing etc.
  • Implemented new website utilizing a dynamically generate, SEO friendly eCommerce system
  • Created custom site presentation templates indicative of the business' desired image
  • Implemented Social Network and Social Sharing
  • Deployed all content, product catelog and articles for the site
  • SEO optimization of the content as well as implementation of analytics, sitemaps and site submission to major search engines
  • Implementation of newsletter system
    • Integration with the eCommerce customer database
    • Allowed for simple sgin-up forms
    • Creation of a new Newsletter email template
    • On-going management of newsletter system including newsletter distribution
  • Customized Products banners were created to showcase new and sale products
  • A custom-built payment gateway was implemented to allow credit card processing utilizing Mercury Payment Systems' hosted check-out thus supporting PCI compliance
  • Implementation of PayPal payment processing
  • Implemented Shipping calculators for FedEx and  USPS
  • Creation of a custom logo
  • Implementation of a blogging component
  • Publishing of site to various directory services

Anemones, Clowns and Corals is an ongoing client of Journey to Success

Images of New Site

Journey to Success redesigned the site Journey to Success redesigned the site