Choosing the right color

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Choosing the right color for your web design

When deciding on a new design for a website, one of the first issues to resolve is the selection of a color palette. Colors have a significant role in invoking an emotional response from visitors, and thus should be selected based on the response desired, as well as the image that you wish to portray for your business.

The following is a guide to colors:

RED Invokes feelings of power, love, passion, danger, warning, excitement, food, impulse, action, adventure.
BLUE Can invoke feelings of trustworthiness, success, seriousness, calmness, power, professionalism.
GREEN Can invoke feelings of money, nature, animals, health, healing, life, harmony.
ORANGE Can invoke feelings of comfort, creativity, celebration, fun, youth, and affordability.
PURPLE Can invoke feelings of royalty, justice, ambiguity, uncertainty, luxury, fantasy, dreams.
WHITE Can invoke feelings of innocence, purity, cleanliness, simplicity.
YELLOW Can invoke feelings of curiosity, playfulness, cheerfulness, amusement.
PINK Can invoke feelings of softness, sweetness, innocence, youthfulness, tenderness.
BROWN Can invoke feelings of earth, nature, tribal, primitive, simplicity.
GREY Can invoke feelings of neutrality, indifference, reserved.
BLACK Can invoke feelings of seriousness, darkness, mystery, secrecy.
GOLD Can invoke feelings of Strength, wealth


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