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About A Native Garden Design Inc.

Company: A Native Design, Inc. 
Website: ANativeGarden.com

A Native Garden Design is a landscape design company specializing in California Natives and drought tolerant plants, with specific knowledge of Southern California – its climate, soil and water situation. A Native Garden Design's philosophy is to plant the proper plant in the best location the first time to provide years of enjoyment for the owner and the plant. Their gardens are designed to produce a beautiful landscape , creating a wonderful habitat for people, butterflies and birds, with year round color and use the minimum amounts of water and maintenance.

About the services provided

A Native Garden Design was looking to improve their website appeal to potential clients.  Journey to Success worked with A Native Garden Design Inc. to completely replace their existing website, focusing on providing an presentation and image that was indicative of the spirit and services provided by the company, with a focus on nature and the native plants of California. Additionally, the redesign included the following details:

  • Implementation of a Dynamic SEO-friendly Content Management System
  • Implementation of a photo gallery system
  • SEO Optimization of all content
  • Addition of Social Networking and Social Bookmarking features
  • Migration of the site to new hosting services

A Native Garden Design is a current client of Journey to Success

Before and After

Original Site New Site
Before Journey to Success redesigned the site After Journey to Success redesign the site