A Look at ContactMe

Sep 17, 2011   |   by Journey to Success   |   Blog  |  Comments Off on A Look at ContactMe

If you’re like most people, running your business communication is a constant (often losing) battle against the ever-increasing email storm the lives in your inbox. Well, there is a new tool that promises to help with the email bombardment – ContactMe.


Search Engine Optimization Basics

Jun 7, 2011   |   by Journey to Success   |   Blog  |  Comments Off on Search Engine Optimization Basics

SEO is not a one-shot deal, it is an ongoing process. Links must be built over time and content added in an ongoing fashion to continue to build SE rankings. That said, there are several areas that can be addressed initially that will have a positive affect on SE rankings.


Choosing the right color

Mar 22, 2011   |   by Journey to Success   |   Blog  |  Comments Off on Choosing the right color

When deciding on a new design for a website, one of the first issues to resolve is the selection of a color palette. Colors have a significant role in invoking an emotional response from visitors, and thus should be selected based on the response desired, as well as the image that you wish to protray for your business.


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